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Swarf Monster

The SmartSkim Swarf Monster can be used for the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous fines as well as non-metallic particulates from industrial fluids. Applications include the following:

• Cutting oils

• Hydraulic oils

• Cold heading lubricants

• Press/stamping lubricants

• Quench oils

• Water soluble coolants

• Pressure testing fluids

• Rust preventative fluids

• Parts washer fluids

SmartSkim Swarf Monster can be used as a portable or stand alone filter

SmartSkim products are known as some of the best tools in the world for skimming and separating floating oils, metallic fines, and other contaminants from industrial process fluids. Our success has been built on a simple foundation: we manufacture the best products in the industry with superior customer service. For you, that means easy-to-use, rugged and durable systems that you can depend on well into the future.

  • Air operated diaphragm pump or electric pump
  • Bag filter housing(s), cartridge filters and/or SmartSkim MagSleeve magnetic separators
  • In-line magnetic separators
  • Filtration levels from sub-micron to 400 micron
  • Extend fluid life
  • Improve parts quality
  • Increase tool and die life
  • Minimize pump and servo valve maintenance
  • Reduce tool breakage due to plugged lines and spindles from fines/particulates
  • Reduce the opportunity for bacteria growth
  • Improve reliability of manufacturing equipment

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