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Sump Caddy

The Sump Caddy System is based on decades-long successful fluid treatment practices, using the award-winning, multipatented SmartSkim® Systems approach to solving problems.

The Portable Sump-Side Coolant Filtration and Tramp Oil Separator System

SmartSkim Sump Caddy Systems include:

• Our patented and proven V1.5 vertical coalescer
• Suction Skimmer – slotted pipe arrangement to handle fluid levels from 4” and higher
• Filter housing for particulate removal with optional rare-earth magnetic separator; also provides protection to pump
• Starter pack of 100 micron and 250 micron filter bags
• Diaphragm pump with poly body and viton internals
• Pneumatics to control pump (air filter regulator, ball valve, needle valve)
• Easy-to-move durable steel cart with industrial rubber caster wheels and stainless steel push handle
• 10’ each of both suction and discharge hoses with quick connect for suction skimmer
• Fluid processing rate of up to 3 gallons per minute
• Sumps up to 35” in height can easily be serviced

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  • Extends the life of your expensive machining coolants
  • Greatly reduces your costs associated with having dirty coolants hauled off-site
  • Removes particulates that can damage your coolant lines and tooling
  • Removes tramp oils that are breeding grounds for dangerous and odorous bacteria
  • System can be used as part of a coolant recycling system/sump sucker program
  • Improved parts quality due to the elimination of tramp oils and particulates
  • Helps keep machine tools cleaner
  • Eliminate labor intensive and inefficient skimming processes
  • Portable - Engineered to be easily moved around
  • Runs on plant air; no electricity needed
  • Made of durable mild steel, not cheap plastic
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • In most cases will use less than $100 per year in consumable filters
  • Includes our new Slotted Pipe Suction Skimmer with quick connects (other skimmers available where required)
  • Easy to use and understand, no intensive training required
  • Incorporates the time proven SmartSkim coalescing technology

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