Coolant Recycling Systems

SmartSkim is the industry leader in coolant recycling systems. By getting the fluids out of dirty sumps on a regular basis, all three types of coolant contamination problems – tramp oils, solids, and bacteria – can easily and effectively be removed. We incorporate the “best in class” coalescing and skimming technologies. Our oil separators and skimmers quickly promote the capture and separation of contaminated floating oils and suspended solids from your valuable machining coolants. Additionally, our FilterLoop process can polish the coolant to levels of 1 -10 micron. With the correct processes in place your coolant life can be extended exponentially.

The SmartSkim CoolantLoop can be used with virtually any coolant. Our mode of operation provides for continuous recirculation of the system which eliminates stagnation, provides aeration, and gives multi-pass filtration. Because of our open-channel coalescing technology, our system will not split weak emulsions or remove additive packages like other technologies.

SmartSkim Machining Coolant Recycling System

Benefits of SmartSkim Coolant Recycling Systems

CL400 Coolant Recycling System Illustration
CL800 Coolant Recycling System Illustration
CL1200 Coolant Recycling System Illustration
CL2400 Coolant Recycling System Illustration

”Purchasing the SmartSkim system was the smartest choice we could have made for coolant recycling. The SmartSkim greatly reduced the man time spent managing coolant. The virtually self-sufficient system practically runs itself, requires very low maintenance and provides us with clean, oil free coolant. We should have purchased this unit years ago! “

L Walker, Vice President of Manufacturing

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