Managing your industrial fluids

Do you know what your total fluid and fluid maintenance costs are today and what you could potentially be saving with more efficient tools in place? It could mean all the difference in the world to your long-term sustainability. Today, more than ever before, the way you manage your facility’s industrial fluids has a significant impact on your bottom line. Rising costs associated with fluid purchases, waste disposal, maintenance, raw materials, workplace safety and environmental regulations are all key concerns.

In today’s competitive environment, our customers need a smart approach to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, mitigate risks and protect their investments. Over the past 25 years SmartSkim’s reliable and quality products have set the industry standard. We provide solutions to help our customers secure and maintain an edge over their competition.

See the benefits of a SmartSkim system in action

The benefits our customers report

Fluid Purchase Cost Savings

Disposal Cost Savings

Extended Tool Life

Labor Cost Savings and Decreased Downtime


“SmartSkim has provided us with a solution to many of the challenges we face as a manufacturing facility.”

Z Fehler, Manufacturing Engineer

“The equipment was installed in June and at the close of December, there was a savings in 6 months of $127,787 – a monthly average of $17,541.”

R Sanchez, Manufacturing Engineer
Maxion Wheels

“Before the SmartSkim, we were hauling away 2,000-3,000 gallons of dirty coolant a month. Since we installed the system we have never dumped any coolant.”

S Roake, Owner
Tomenson Machine Works Inc.

“Turned out to be better than we had projected.”

D Green, Facilities Manager
Manes Machine & Engineering, Co.


See how much you can save

By dramatically reducing coolant costs and the cost of waste removal, our typical systems pay for themselves in 6-9 months. Check out our ROI calculator to determine how much you can save with our coolant recycling systems.

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