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We know that our success depends on yours

While a number of our customers are large enterprises, we also provide SmartSkim products to many businesses where the owner of the company makes the purchasing decision. But whether a customer is large or small, we take the same approach to nurturing and developing relationships. We know that our success depends on yours, so we don’t just sell to our customers. We are consultants who will work with you to assess your needs – and we will never sell a product where a need doesn’t exist.

Customers across a wide variety of industries are benefiting from our products in a broad array of applications. Read our testimonials about how we are helping to improve your bottom line.

Industries Served
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Construction
• Energy
• Marine
• Medical Equipment
• Oil Fields Services
• Telecommunications
• Transportation

• Machining Coolant
• Production Parts Washing
• Heat Treating Parts Washers
• Quench Oil Filtration
• Magnetic Filtration
• Metal Finishing: Wash, rinse and    phosphatizing baths
• Rolling and drawing fluids
• Pipe and Tube Mill
• Stamping & Forming
• Die Casting
• Hot Forging
• General Industrial Waste Water
• Grinding Fluids

Coolant Recycling Testimonials

“Purchasing the SmartSkim system was the smartest choice we could have made for coolant recycling. The SmartSkim greatly reduced the man time spent managing coolant. The virtually self-sufficient system practically runs itself, requires very low maintenance and provides us with clean, oil free coolant. We should have purchased this unit years ago!”

Laura Walker, Vice President of Manufacturing
Task Force Tips, Inc., Valparaiso, Indiana


"SmartSkim has provided us with a solution to many of the challenges we face as a manufacturing facility. We’ve experienced a decrease in tooling usage, lower maintenance requirements, higher coolant efficiency, and an all-around increase in quality of work life. Our machining facility no longer smells like a machine shop; the control we now have on bacteria growth and overall cleanliness of our machines is above and beyond our previous conventional practices. ...The SmartSkim has and will continue to be a major quality asset in the production of our products."

Zack Fehler, Manufacturing Engineer
Gearench, Clifton, TX


"The coolant recycling system we have from SmartSkim plays a major part in our operation. Their skim filter systems are truly the best I have seen and I would recommend their product to anyone in the machining industry."

Jared M. Fara, Machine Maintenance Supervisor
Tomenson Machine Works Inc., St. Charles, Illinois


"The justification for purchasing our SmartSkim CL600 Coolant Recycling System was based on a reduction in the cost of new coolant fluid purchases and coolant waste disposal; both objectives are being met. We’ve gone from having eight drums of coolant waste per month to less than two and we’ve cut our usage of new coolant from two drums per month to less than one. We also have not seen a performance difference in the recycled coolant we put back into our machines as compared to new coolant."

Joe White, Manufacturing Manager
PneuDraulics, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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