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Dosatron Chemical Dispenser

Dosatron chemical dispensers are precision metering devices that are hydro-powered with no electricity needed. They compensate for flow and pressure changes, providing consistent, repeatable results. Dosatrons are simple to use and easy to adjust allowing for flexible dosage rates. They are easy to maintain, saving you time and effort. Various models are available based on flow rate and concentration range required.

• Ideal for overhead centralized coolant distribution systems
• No electricity required, hydro-powered
• Units operate on positive displacement principle
• Concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water
• Homogenous mixing occurs inside the unit
• Force of water pushes the blended solution downstream

HydroMinder Fluid Proportioner

Hydrominders can be used as coolant proportioners or simply as a fluid level control device when fluids need to be added to a tank. When the level in the reservoir drops, the float opens a non-electric, magnetic valve and the HydroMinder replenishes the supply of solution in the tank. When the level reaches the preset fill level, the HydroMinder automatically shuts off. Various interchangeable metering tips to regulate the concentration are available.

• Built with high quality, chemically resistant materials
• Better chemical performance–consistent automatic dilution delivers maximum performance
• Time and labor savings–eliminates the need for manually handling, measuring and mixing concentrated chemicals
• Improved safety – eliminates exposure to concentrated product

Ozone Generator System

Ozone is a natural choice as a bacteria and odor control system for managing all types and brands of metal working fluids. As the ozone gas is dispersed through the fluid, the ozone instantly kills all forms of bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold on contact and then reverts to its original form: oxygen. The ozone generated does not alter the fluid in any way and does not harm the operators.

• Safe for use with all types of coolants
• Very low cost of operation - pennies per day
• Improve your plant’s environmental performance
• No biocide chemicals to buy or mix. Does not cause dermatitis
• Improve health and safety of your coolants
• Keeping your coolants clean and healthy greatly reduces the cost of treatment and disposal
• Does not harm equipment, operators or coolants

Hose Reel Assembly

Professional Grade Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Powder Coated Finish.

• Dual pedestal
• Low pressure
• Spring driven
• Retractable with high quality hose
• Inlet connection hose kit
• Gas type nozzle dispenser

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