Senior is an international, market-leading, engineering solutions provider with 301 operating businesses in 131countries. Senior Aerospace UPECA serves both the commercial aerospace and defense markets with a range of products and systems for structures, fluid conveyance and gas turbine engines.

Senior has implemented a high-performance operating system initiative, drawing on the many excellent practices from across the Group, looking at elements such as best practice processes, supplier management; and financial management.

One of those best practices is found in their Malaysian plant in the form of a coolant recycling initiative that started in 2016 and continues today.


SmartSkim personnel met with Senior Aerospace Upeca’s Purchasing and Operations Directors at the 2016 Metalex Show in Malaysia.   At the time, SA was looking to reduce their coolant purchases and reduce their dirty coolant disposal costs.   They were purchasing 1,500 gallons per month of coolant concentrate and disposing of 1,000 gallons of dirty coolant per month.   Their facility had 150 CNC machines doing operations on both aluminum and titanium parts.  For the aluminum they needed to maintain a 9% concentration and for the titanium they needed to maintain a 12% concentration.

SA implemented two (2) SmartSkim CL1200 systems, one for their aluminum production line and one for their titanium production line.   With the growth of additional CNC machinery into their Kuala Lumpur facility, SA Upeca has since purchased two (2) additional SmartSkim CL800 Recycling Systems.

Senior Aerospace Upeca


The Senior team in Malaysia saw immediate benefits from the SmartSkim coolant recycling system, which led to scaling their program and adding additional systems.  

Today, they are benefitting from:

  • 50,000 RM (>$12,000) in annual savings in coolant purchases
  • 30,000 RM (<$7,200) reduced annual disposal costs
  • Significant increase in tool life

50,000 RM


30,000 RM


SmartSkim products at Senior Aerospace Upeca
“All systems are doing great and working well! The sump-cleaner is an extremely effective system which makes it easier for us to suck out within 10 – 15min on our tanks during our cleaning and also can be pumped back easily.” 

S.Sugumaren, Assistant Maintenance Manager

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