Nissan’s Aguascalientes, Mexico plant is one of the largest automotive plants in the world producing over 400,000 small cars for the domestic, U.S. and Latin American markets. This plant, like many large automotive plants around the world, has central coolant systems. Central coolant systems continuously pump coolant to/from the CNC machines, unlike CNC machines that have individual sumps.   Many central coolant systems lack proper filtration, particularly for the removal of non-emulsified tramp oils.


Nissan implemented a series of eight (8) SmartSkim Oil Separators to perform the removal of tramp oils from twenty (20) central coolant systems that are strategically placed around the plant. The central coolant systems range in size from 5,000 to 20,000 gallons each.  Additional non-SmartSkim filtration products were also used to remove particulates from the coolant.

The Nissan plant in Aguascaliente had 16 central coolant systems strategically located around their facility to serve over 300 CNC machines.   With no appropriate filtration on the central coolant systems, Nissan implemented both particulate filtration and tramp oil separators.  For the tramp oil separation, our SmartSkim CF20 Systems were chosen.  Eight (8) CF20 units were supplied dirty coolant on a continuous basis from the 20 central systems.   


After implementation, coolant quality was drastically improved, resulting in improved parts quality, longer coolant life and less oil misting in the facility.

Improved Performance





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