Golden State Engineering is primarily a high volume aerospace screw machine house, but is also a respected name in the commercial and medical sectors. They are a family owned and operated company  and have nearly 70 CNC machining centers and typical runs in the hundreds of thousands and up to a million pieces.

Even though they were ISO9001, AS9100 and ITAR certified, they wanted to stay ahead of regulations and do their part to reduce emissions and provide a safe working environment without breaking the bank.  

Their existing evaporation unit wasn’t effective enough and required constant maintenance,, but they were challenged to find space for a new solution. 

It was time consuming, did not properly clean the coolant, and relied heavily on biocide additives to keep the coolant healthy.


After consulting with SmartSkim, Golden State Engineering pulled the trigger on the SmartSkim CL800 CoolantLoop Recycling System as part of a company-wide safety program and couldn’t be more pleased by the results and service they received from the SmartSkim team.

The SmartSkim CL800 is split between 400 gallons of dirty coolant and 400 gallons of filtered coolant. The heart of the system is the CrossFlow tramp oil separator that separates and removes the non-emulsified tramp oils that find their way into the coolant. The system also removes particulates, both ferrous and non-ferrous, with various filtration systems, including high-powered rare-earth magnetics. Finally, the SmartSkim system infuses ozone into the coolant while it’s circulating within the processing tanks. The ozone helps kill and remove bacteria that are created with the presence of tramp oils.

Golden State Engineering Facilities


Golden State Engineering reduced their coolant costs by half, disposal costs by half, and even saw their water bill go down. They estimated their ROI to be well under 12 months, exceeding their expectations.  

“We had a machine with a hydraulic leak that turned all 900 gallons of our coolant brown. Hydraulic oil is not formulated to be emulsified, so we were concerned about the prospect of throwing out 900 gallons of coolant.” said J Neal, Facilities Manager.  “We stopped extracting from the SmartSkim for two days and just let it run. It cleaned it right up, and got every bit of it out. We went from chocolate milk to nice and white again.” 

Golden State Engineering proved that it is possible to please the neighborhood, their employees, and still remain profitable by implementing new machines and technology like the SmartSkim solution.



Improved Performance



Improved Performance



“I’ve reduced my coolant costs by half, my disposal costs by half, and even my water bill has gone down. I’ve gone the last two months without even buying coolant at all. Our SmartSkim’s ability to filter the coolant has surpassed our expectations.”.”

J Neal, Facilities Manager, Golden State Engineering

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