Asama Coldwater Manufacturing (ACM) capabilities include a foundry, high capacity machining facility, paint lines, and extensive research and development technologies. They were circulating approximately 8,000 gallons of synthetic coolant daily through their Machining Department manually through a basic filtration process.

It was time consuming, did not properly clean the coolant, and relied heavily on biocide additives to keep the coolant healthy.


After consulting with their SmartSkim rep, they purchased a 4,800 gallon SmartSkim system. The new fully-automated system, removes all the solid contaminants and oils from the dirty coolant, and maintains the concentration at desired levels automatically. It continuously recirculates the coolant and adds ozone as a natural biocide.

ACM Building


ACM’s SmartSkim recycling system is simple to operate and maintain and uses very little resources to run. Because the process is fully automated, it has freed up a lot of time for the Fluids Management Team.

The recycled coolant now consistently stays healthy, and they have eliminated the use of all chemical biocide additives. This has made a positive impact on the work environment and on the morale of the employees. The machines are noticeably cleaner, and they generate less mist.

Combined with the choice of a good quality synthetic coolant, they have been able to reduce their coolant costs by 35-45% each month, and the SmartSkim unit has paid for itself multiple times over during its first year in use.

35 – 45%




“Our SmartSkim coolant recycling unit has paid for itself multiple times over during its first year in use. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and highly recommend it to others.”

G Berzaitis, Senior Staff Engineer

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