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You need a smart approach to increase efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risk and protect your investments.

Do you know what the difference is between your fluid management costs today and what you could be saving with potentially more efficient systems? It could mean all the difference in the world to your long-term sustainability. Today, more than ever before, the way you manage your facility’s industrial fluids has a significant impact on your bottom line. Rising costs associated with fluid purchases, waste disposal, maintenance, raw materials, work place safety and environmental regulations are all key concerns.

In today’s competitive and litigious environment, you need a smart approach to increase efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risks and protect your investments. Our products have been proven; we have the solutions to help you gain – and keep – an edge over the competition.

SmartSkim Offers "Smart" Solutions:
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Workplace Improvements
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Risk Mitigation & Regulatory
  • Compliance
    Fluid Purchase Cost Savings
    • Reduce new fluid purchase costs by 45 to 75 percent
    • Mitigate the impact of continually rising coolant and cleaner prices

    Disposal Cost Savings
    • Reduce fluid disposal costs by 50 to 90 percent
    • Mitigate the impact of increasing disposal costs

    Extended Tool Life
    • Studies show increases in tool life of up to 209 percent
    • Studies demonstrate that tramp oil concentration of just 3.9 percent results in an 18 percent reduction in tool life

    Labor Cost Savings and Increased Uptime
    • Increase parts washer bath life (by 2 to 10 times) and reduce time spent “pumping and dumping” washers
    • Reduce time required to clean out a machine tool sump from several hours to 15 to 20 minutes
    • Increase tool life and time between wheel dressing
    • Reduce time required to clean critical servo valves, coolant and cleaner nozzles
    • Reduce overall coolant maintenance costs
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