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Oil Water Separators Coolant Recycling Systems Magnetic Separator floating suction skimmers
Oil Water

Best tools in the world for skimming and separating floating oils and other contaminants from industrial process fluids.
Coolant Recycling Systems

Our systems include the SmartSkim Floating Suction Skimmer, which is considered to be the best suction skimmer in the world! No need for constant adjustments.


Magnetic separators eliminate the use of filter consumables, are easy to implement, simple to operate, and require minimal maintenance.
Floating Suction

The multi-patented Suction Skimmer is the most efficient and most durable device available for skimming and removing floating oil and contaminants from industrial process fluids.

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Sump Cleaner

Sump cleaners serve as a great complementary product to the CoolantLoop Coolant Recycling Systems. The Sump cleaner greatly reduces the amount of labor required to effectively clean your sumps.
Skimming Centers

For parts washing and coolant applications, it is more effective to skim and separate floating oils outside the washer or coolant tank where the fluids are continuously turbulent.
Filter Housing

Coming Soon!


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