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CrossFlow Separator

The SmartSkim CrossFlow Separator sets the industry standard for skimming and separating floating oil and solids from industrial fluids.

Tramp Oil Control for Industrial Fluid

The SmartSkim CrossFlow System sets the industry standard for skimming and separating floating oil and solids from industrial fluids. It is designed as a simple, trouble-free solution for removing free floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from wash tanks, individual machine coolant sumps and many other manufacturing process fluids. Based on gravity flow and coalescence, the CrossFlow System can reduce tramp oils to less than 1% in a single pass.


  • Water soluble, semi-synthetic & synthetic coolants from machining and grinding
  • Alkaline washwaters
  • Stamping fluids
  • Wastewater pre-treatment
  • Aqueous quench pits
  • Die casting mold release fluids
  • And any application where separation of two immiscible fluids is required
  • Reduce new fluid purchase costs up to 75% by extending the life of those fluids
  • Reduce waste volumes by 50% - 90%
  • Separated tramp oils can be sold or recycled
  • Parts washers: Reduce cost of washwater detergent, heating & disposal costs. Consistently cleaner parts
  • Coolants: Improve sump life, tooling, and part quality
  • Reduce misting & improve machine cleanliness
  • Reduce environmental waste disposal, bacteria levels, and associated odors
  • Open Channel coalescing technology is low maintenance and non plugging. Frequency of cleaning is a fraction of what is required with competitive tortuous path plastic media coalescers
  • Non plugging design means no worries about overflowing of the unit and spills
  • Robust and industrial grade for a lifetime of use
  • Sloped bottom for easy removal of solids and sludge
  • Automated system for continuous operation
  • World's best floating suction skimmers — all stainless steel design and no hoses that kink, harden or collapse. Easily set and minimal adjustments
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