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We know that our success depends on yours

While a number of our customers are large enterprises, we also provide SmartSkim products to many businesses where the owner of the company makes the purchasing decision. But whether a customer is large or small, we take the same approach to nurturing and developing relationships. We know that our success depends on yours, so we don’t just sell to our customers. We are consultants who will work with you to assess your needs – and we will never sell a product where a need doesn’t exist.

Customers across a wide variety of industries are benefiting from our products in a broad array of applications. Read our testimonials about how we are helping to improve your bottom line.

Industries Served
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Construction
• Energy
• Marine
• Medical Equipment
• Oil Fields Services
• Telecommunications
• Transportation

• Machining Coolant
• Production Parts Washing
• Heat Treating Parts Washers
• Quench Oil Filtration
• Magnetic Filtration
• Metal Finishing: Wash, rinse and    phosphatizing baths
• Rolling and drawing fluids
• Pipe and Tube Mill
• Stamping & Forming
• Die Casting
• Hot Forging
• General Industrial Waste Water


Heat Treating Testimonials

“We recently purchased our third oil water separator from your company for our heat treating operations in Rockford, IL. Your equipment continues to provide exemplary service in the maintenance of our quenching fluids. The SmartSkim V3 unit that we purchased has provided for much cleaner parts and reduced smoke in our facility. Unlike the previous oil skimming/spearating technologies that we had used, your equipment does a great job at strictly capturing the oil that we want removed from the quench tanks. Thanks again for providing us with a quality product.”

Richard H. Sentowski, Purchasing Agent


"From what I’ve seen, this is the absolute best oil removal system that I’ve ever worked with."

Kevin Biggers, Heat Treating Engineer
Batavia Transmissions


"After the SmartSkim installation, the parts exiting the washer were extremely clean. The smoke that had previouslybelched from the temper furnaces each time the doors opened vanished. The soap usage was cut drastically, which enabled the washer to maintain optimum operating temperatures.  A project was written for funds to purchase nine additional SmartSkim units for the plant. The project was approved with an annual cost savings of $206,520.00 per year."

DaimlerChrysler, UAW Quality
Newsletter PQI


"Just a quick note to give you my comments on the SmartSkim oil skimmer that we purchased from you.  We installed it on a batch spray washer that we use in line with a 30" x 48" x 30" internal quench furnace.  We used to use a disc style skimmer previously, with only marginal results.  The Smartskim  has vastly improved the oil removal from the wash water, resulting in a significant reduction in smoke from the tempering furnaces, cleaner parts, and vastly improved oil recovery.  The unit requires very little maintenance, and just keeps on ticking away day after day."

Norman Hanson, P.Eng., President
Thermex Metal Treating Ltd.


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Heat Treating Application Testimonials

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